#ThisIsMe – I Am Zeezo the Fashion Stylist!

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#ThisIsMe – I Am Zeezo the Fashion Stylist!

Every generation has certain individuals that don’t seek approval to make their dreams come true. They boldly explore their individuality and exhibit their unique creative expressions through art, music, poetry, film and clothing.

22 year old Mutshidzi Ramapala from Pretoria has brought a new meaning to the term ‘Trendsetter’. Popularly known as ‘Zeezo – the stylist’, he has swayed over the fashion influencing industry and earned himself the tittle ‘Fashion Influencer of note’.

Growing up in a small town of Makhado in Limpopo, Zeezo got his early fashion styling inspiration from his family and the colourful surroundings of the VhaVenda culture. “My family came as an inspiration from a young age, they have taught me that wearing clothes, was not just about covering your body, but it’s also about art and how you wish to express yourself” he added.

As a fashion trendsetter, Zeezo has managed to look at fashion as an artistic form. He has a creative eye which is in tune with different colour blends and cloth material, he is knowledgeable of current fashion trends, and with great skills of acquiring a stylish wardrobe, he has attracted a plethora of compliments and followers.

A Dashing Start

Arriving at Pretoria in 2015, Zeezo began embodying a fun and polished look which later transcended into a sexier, edgier and more directional image, he swiftly became a cherished influencer in the fashion world with over 64 thousand followers on Instagram. He also got featured in the TV show 100% youth and in the Bona Magazine on September 2016.

Zeezo also gets to host fashion events like the Pretoria Fashion Expression, where fashionistas gather to buy clothes, freshen up on the latest fashion trends and network with the all different fashion gurus. The whole experience is set for youth to enjoy good music and delicious food while style gazing on the latest hot fashion trends. With all of these activities happening, it makes you wonder where he gets all that energy from, what keeps him going and what’s unique about him?

“What keeps me going is that I always strive to be one of the top fashion icons in South Africa, it’s about the legacy of encouraging more people to look good and stylish  while influencing brands to gain more engagement with the everyday street-culture people, which is what makes my approach unique” –  Zeezo.

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Fashion vs The People

Often we lack the confidence to be bold and standalone in the fashion arena, but influencers like Zeezo pave the way and take punches from ‘fashion critics’ for us. Zeezo’s fashion sense is defined by his sense of self; in that it’s, unique, boastful and in no way regretful. “You need to understand what is fashionable and appreciate that fashion trends are seasonal. It’s about taking risks and Dressing in your own terms. You will then gradually gain confidence and make your own bold statements in your choice of outfits” Zeezo added.

This is Zeezo

Zeezo is an awesome stylist and fashion influencer, his approach has changed the fashion influencing game by abiding to his own fashion rules and committing to every look he wears. His fashion sense is versatile, bold and it’s constantly evolving.

“Fashion trends fluctuate, so it’s important to watch trends in the fashion industry, observe celebrities and influencers. However you don’t have to fully copy them, rather be creative and reinvent their style”. I am Zeezo – the stylist and #Thisisme

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Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer you an easier way to follow many of your fashion icons, stylist and even fashion bloggers. Follow Zeezo and check out how he rocks ellesse on Instagram @Venda_guy2. Search hashtags of popular fashion trends and get amazing online style and inspirations.


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