The ellesse Style Manuscript: Ladies Fashion Influence – The Game of Golf

As trends go over time, competitive sport attire has massively influenced our everyday leisure fashion from apparel, accessories to footwear. No matter what the sport, winter or summer, our sporting heroes, are required to 24/7, wear their Brands. Athleisure plugs this role, albeit in the form of retro sneakers or technologically designed attire. Supporters’ team jerseys have become a fashion statement, more so that indicating your allegiance to a team or country.


“Athleisure plugs this role, albeit in the form of retro sneakers or technologically designed attire.”

The elite sport of Golf has set many fashion trends along the way, especially for the ladies. Back in the 1790’s, the Victorian age had ladies wearing crinolines, bustles and petticoats. Then came the Edwardian age where the sports style dictated that is you wore a straw boater hat, white blouse and a long narrow skirt – that is if you were a serious golfer. Although evolved, these outfits still limited ones golfing prowess. By the 1900’s, the long, narrow bicycle skirts came in style, making it easier for women to play. The 1950’s skirts then became much shorter and the long ‘muddy’ skirt was no more. Lady golfers actually started bearing their ankles for all to see! The emergence of the 60’s saw women sporting Bermuda shorts which evolved into the ‘skort’ in the 70’s. All the while, this evolution of golfing attire translated into mainstream fashion. Most 90’s female cover magazines were styled in this look. No item of clothing was unaffected and by the late 1970’s, ladies golf hats became more practical and athletic, making the game, even more comfortable.


“Although evolved, these outfits still limited ones golfing prowess.”

Then in the early 2000’s, Golf’s most spectacular impact came in the form of bright colors. We even saw the tennis ladies taking their cue from the lady golfers (all except Wimbledon). As time has progressed and social norms relaxed, all-in-one dresses, slacks and golfers have become the norm. The golfer dresses showed a pure level of simplicity and class. The golfer dress quickly became the go to for women looking for comfort and style. The simple design of an extended golfer T-shirt into a dress was a hit and ellesse felt it was time to bring this all-time favorite back into the range. Ladies are styling their look with ellesse branded socks with slides or sneakers like the Calcio black gum silhouette. The look is cheeky and exudes confidence. Head over to your nearest ellesse or Studio 88 store and make your mark the next time you go out-and-about – in your golfer dress of course.

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