Own-up to your Identity, Buy Original

Own-up to your Identity, Buy Original

The ellesse brand is always at the heart of the party, it loves colour, vibrancy and it believes in living for the moment.

Real fans know that ellesse makes them look good, so they feel good, they understand that ellesse powers up their character, style and persona – but how would it be if it’s not an original?

South Africa, a prime target for counterfeit goods, these being easy to locate within our busy inner-city business districts (CBD). ellesse Heritage, favoured by many fans, has not escaped the counterfeit market and you, being a true lover of the brand; before you spend your hard earned cash, need to be aware of counterfeit products now on the streets. See below are images of items we recently located, the quality is shocking, the price at total rip-off! When you buy ellesse Heritage, check the swing tags and labelling to ensure authenticity and more importantly, it is only retailed in Studio 88, Side Step and Skipper Bar stores.

ellesse Heritage Fake 1          ellesse Heritage Original 1

If you find ellesse product in any retail store other than Studio 88, Side Step or Skipper Bar – it is FAKE! Only AUTHENTIC ellesse merchandise is available in these retail chain stores – BE AWARE.

Just so that you are in the know and are familiar with the latest ellesse collection, visit our Gallery Collection. Keep up with the latest releases on the ellesse Heritage Facebook page, you can also find us on Instagram and Twitter

ellesse Heritage Fake 3          ellesse Heritage Original 3

True fans who value and wear original apparel understand and know that zealous feeling when you strut signature item – the Sea Moss Rhubarb Rain Blocked Jacket or that exhilarating feeling of wearing a limited edition of ellesse Heritage 6 Panel Poly Cap. Never forgetting that ellesse clothing is inspired by archived pieces that tell a story, they are a combination of bold colours, contemporary materials and historical props that create an energetic experience.

ellesse Heritage Fake 2          ellesse Heritage Original 2

So, take a personal pledge to Love Your Brand, a pledge to be authentic, a pledge to buy it and not fake it, a pledge to keep it real and only buy Makoya. Own up to your own identity, your brand, your heritage, your ellesse.

Ellesse Heritage – shaping the future by honouring the past.

Exclusively available at Side Step, Skipper Bar and Studio 88 retail stores – bought anywhere else – it’s fake. Buy Original.

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