I Am Zeezo and This Is Me

We got to connect with Muchidzy Ramapala, better known by his Instagram handle @IamZeezo and got his low down on why he favs ellesse.

Zeezo has been a huge fan of our #ThisIsMe ellesse brand awareness campaign, and this young man is making waves in South African in his role of being an Instagram fashion influencer. Undoutably owning his I am Zeezo and This is my status, he most recently, Zeezo got to do some impressive gigs by styling celebrities like; Da Les, Mr CEO, Mizo-Phyll and Emmy-Gee.

Embracing life in front of the camera, Zeezo is a picture of confidence and energy as he chats about growing up, what inspires his style and his career as a stylist and fashion persona. Despite his suave, nature and being able to demand attention when he walks into a room, one this is inexplicably clear about Zeezo, he is one hundred per cent comfortable being himself.

As he expresses himself in his clothing and continues to talk about his passion for style (even dropping a few style tips) Zeezo makes it clear that his style is his own and not influenced conventional ideas of fashion. “I always dress the way I want, I follow my trends and rock my style” – and this attitude is perfectly in sync with those that also rock ellesse Heritage.

Fun fact is that Zeezo’s brothers are a huge fashion inspiration to him (how many people would admit that?), but Zeezo also has a keen eye for the unique, gaining inspiration from life around him, there is absolutely no doubt that Zeezo will grow to be one of the biggest names in the industry in years to come.




By embracing his past, knowing no limits by owning his current in the present and carving out his future the way he wants to Zeezo is what the #ellesse spirit embodies. He undoubtedly showcases I am Zeezo and This is me by casting off restrictions and living life unashamed and unafraid to be yourself, and even stronger in the face of critics.