#ellesseStyle – Ntethe Mbokazi

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#ellesseStyle – Ntethe Mbokazi

Our #ellesseStyle spotlight is on Ntethelelo Mbokazi the Guru who is a style elevator and makes judgments about the value, importance and the quality of style. However his style is inspired by the streets meaning there are no rules in my world of fashion.

He collects antiques and old-school collection of garments like branded clothing and the old-school way of dressing up because he believes all those old brands layered a foundation of the style that we embracing today. After all the way forward is the way back.

He is into visual arts of fashion, which is fashion photography.

He directs and creates fashion scenes which tell different type of stories about style and how people should see style. He has worked with few local designers such

The Holmes Brothers Clothing as a model, art director and conducted shoots for them. He has also worked with The Istandout Vintage clothing where he dressed, photographed and styled females in Vintage Garments.

For more about Ntethe and his style you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Style & Stuff.

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