ellesse X Shane Eagle I Really Rap

ellesse X Shane Eagle I Really Rap

Mix in a couple of local rappers, add some great DJ’s, add a splash of ellesse’s classic fusion – being style and flair; and you have yourself a winning formula for a boss event – ellesse presents Shane Eagle – ‘I really rap’.

The scene was set in Braamfontein at 94 on Republic, simply lit on Friday 23 March. Between the lively crowd draped in ellesse heritage clothing and the amazing line-up of performers, the night was set to entertain from the get-go. Hosted by Shane Eagle, ‘I Really Rap’ is an intimate event designed to create an interactive environment between artists and fans in “one space”.

Entertainers; Frank Casino, Ricky Rick, Priddy Ugly and Jimmy Wizz shared the stage with Shane, creating a mesmerising experience for the fan as they got their chance to meet their favourite artists in one space. Accommodating a maximum of 200 fans, the show was organic and impactful, allowing an intimate level between the artist and fans.

A fearless and inspired individual who is both passionate and determined to make his mark, Shane Eagle is in perfect sync with the ellesse brand, Shane is true to and remains steady on the road less travelled as an independent artist. He rocked the stage, the crowd go wild, making for a memorable evening.


Supported by ellesse Heritage, this event will always be an intimate experience for the Eagle and ellesse fans; driving close up and personal performances.

‘I REALLY RAP’ is set to showcase leading artists in the world of African hip hop, artists who boldly explore their individuality and exhibit their unique creative expressions through art, music and clothing. Look out for the next ‘I REALLY RAP’ event coming soon.

ellesse X Shane Eagle I Really Rap

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