4 Key, Monochrome Pieces You Need to Have – According To Our ellesse Style Manuscript

Over time fashion trends come and go. The 70’s was all about freedom, love and what we’ve come to call Hippie’s. Enter the mid 80’s aggressive, anti-establishment punk style of Grunge. And although we can identify each trend, one fashion assemblage that graces each trend is that of the monochrome get-up. Some wearers add multiple layers of varied textures – all of one-color. This adds both depth and dimension to their outfit. Although in dressing the monochrome way, the wearer still gets to highlight or downplay the effect or certain parts of their body.

Since the 1800’s from photography to fashion monochrome has been associated with sophistication and class. Monochrome has always been associated with shades of black, white and grey. Fashion then went on to describe monochrome as different shades on any colour – being a collective. There is no doubt that colour can send many messages depending on the day, time, season or simply, the shifting culture. Believe it or not, monochrome does not say nothing but rather everything in the way you dress, favourites still being the classic black or white blank canvas.

These Four Pieces Will do the Job – the ellesse Way!

ellesse T-shirts

Start at the top it’s key, great starting point and one of the biggest pieces that makes up an outfit. When going for the monochrome look, select a pallet, albeit black, white or grey. Prom a practical p.o.v. – black or grey is easy to keep clean and maintain. ellesse offers a variety of black and grey T-shirts with a drop of colour – this to upgrade your monochrome style that bit.




ellesse Track Pants

There are tons of fabrications available, choose one that suites the season or occasion. Track pants offer comfort and flexibility. ellesse has just what you need to complete your black, white or grey monochrome outfit.



ellesse Jackets

It’s not winter but it just might rain or you just want to go for the ‘cool’ look by wearing your jacket off the shoulders (and not over the shoulders – that’s so last season ;) ). Pack a black ellesse seasonal jacket to complete your monochrome outfit and to add some depth.



ellesse Sneakers

Complete your full monochrome look by wearing an all-black sneaker. Having a pair of all-black sneakers in your closet allows you to flex from casual to street, from the office to the hood. ellesse has a range of all-black sneakers that will finish off your monochrome outfit.


If you are looking for a more sophisticated and classier street style, then monochrome is for you. ellesse has various pieces that will ensure your monochrome outfit lasts all season long. Leonardo de Vinci, the true master of pallets said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

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