Over the past four years we have seen many fashion styles and trends come and go. From the revival of the 70’s and 80’s fashion trends. To the return of durags and vintage graphic tees. From all these fashion trends and style there is one style that stands out.

The “dad look style” inspired by American middle age dad’s walking around mall’s or on vacation. The Dad look has taken over the global fashion scene. Inspired by comfort and looking simple for long days, the style became easy for anyone to adopt. Catch the wave and check out how ellesse can help you rock the dad look below.

ellesse T-shirt

The dad look style is majorly inspired by simplicity. The ellesse fashion blue dress t-shirt will help you achieve that simple yet colourful and more stylish dad look. For a more vintage dad look the ellesse yellow, white, blue printed tee will take you straight to looking like an 80’s dad. Both tees are not heavily branded which is key when going for the dad look.


ellesse Shorts

Nothing says comfort more than shorts. Comfort is the second and the main foundation of the dad look. If you are going to spend the whole days at the mall or running after the kids, comfort becomes a big thing. The black ellesse side detail Tricot short is the definition of comfort. Made of poly-cotton the shorts feel great on the skin and the material is breathable for the summer heat.


ellesse Socks

Funny enough socks might be the most prominent piece when it comes to pulling off the dad look. Pulling up your socks while wearing shorts is the definition of the dad look. The black branded ellesse socks are perfect for completing your dad look.  The vintage ellesse colours give you some extra style when you pull the socks up.


ellesse Sneakers

Any and every outfit is not complete without the sneakers. With the dad look you can choose from many different styles. Most people go for the chunky sneakers, but since the dad look is for comfort even flat sneakers work. The ellesse mustard with a gum sole Calcio offers great comfort and a unique style. The sneaker fits perfectly for the dad look with the style taken from 80’s dad’s going for a morning tennis game.

Don’t miss the wave, browse our website and put together your best dad look. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on our weekly ellesse style manuscript.

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