ellesse Style Manuscript: Back to the 80’s with the ellesse Archive Collection

The 80’s added so much to urban day pop-culture. From the Pac-Man video game released 22 May 1980 to Steve Jobs introducing the first Macintosh computer 14 September 1984. The 80’s has repeatedly proven to be the greatest era in regards innovation, the world-wide-web being the quintessence to it all in 1989. Added to the prolific advancements and change occurring throughout the 80’s – one movement that would forever change the way one dresses for generations to come. On 24 April 1982, Jane Fonda released her first workout video which took the world by storm by selling over one million VHS copies. Her videos dared women to wear a leotard, tights and leg warmers, and to feel the burn. This movement quickly cemented a new dress code, making athleisure the go-to style for both men and women wanting to dress for comfort. Athleisure is about being casual. The sports inspired, comfortable clothing has been designed to be suitable for both exercise and everyday wear. ellesse is taking you back to the 80’s with its Archive Collection.

Every self-respecting athleisure wardrobe would include the pull of the best 80’s.

ellesse T-shirts

Popping vibrant and neon colours is what set the 80’s apart. The ellesse Fondato t-shirt is the perfect fit for the 80’s athleisure look. It’s all business at the front and a party at the back with splashing’s of vibrant, popping colours. Flexibility was also a huge thing switching from sportswear to casual or formal. ellesse has a huge range of t-shirts that will allow you to easily switch from occasion to occasion.


ellesse Track Tops

Track tops made a huge appearance in wardrobes on the 80’s fashion scene.  Sporting brands noted the popularity of their sponsored stars and the opportunity to carry this through to everyday wear. Whether you go for the iconic two-piece track top and pants fit or just the track top. ellesse has a variety of track tops synonymous with the 80’s look –  recreated from classic designs.


ellesse Track Pants

The athleisure 80’s look was inspired by workout and active sportswear. Track pants were a huge part for comfort and functionality. The ellesse track pants emulate the iconic 80’s look through its classic heritage design.


ellesse Sneakers

Through the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s to today, sneakers are an integral part to your outfit ensemble. People joke and say they make shoe contact before eye contact. 80’s style was obsessed with comfort and flexibility. The ellesse sneaker designs are highly inspired by flexibility and comfort.


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