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ellesse Heritage Make It Music

Everyone here at ellesse is really excited to tell you, we’ve just launched a brand new music project called Make It Music, in partnership with the infamous Metropolis Studios.

ellesse has always supported up and coming talent – on and off the field of play – and Make It Music has been set up in an effort to partner with the very best breaking acts and some of the more established artists on the music circuit, showcasing their incredible talent and helping to get their music out there to a wider audience.

Over the next 12 months, we’re going to film, record and interview 24 bands, spanning a whole range of music genres, at Metropolis Studios – known globally as the world’s No.1 independent recording studio – where the sessions will be hosted, the audio recorded, mixed and mastered by the studio’s Grammy award-winning engineers.

Even better than that, everything created at the ellesse Make It Music sessions will be hosted right here on our blog, exclusively for you.

Gavin Newman, Events and Content Director at Metropolis commented: “Metropolis Studios has always been at the forefront of supporting great talent so it’s very exciting when a brand like ellesse shows a down to earth commitment towards helping spread the music. This new partnership is a brilliant opportunity for artists to take advantage of our incredible facilities and engage with a brand that is helping them produce high quality content”. We can’t say fairer than that, can we?

Article via Ellesse Heritage UK

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