ellesse Heritage AW 2018 Collection

Honouring the past

The character of ellesse heritage is simply unmatched by that of contemporary clothing. It’s a classic fusion of history, art and style; telling a story of colour, creativity and individuality. This brand is not just for anyone – it’s for those who exhibit their unique expressions by honouring aesthetics of the past.

The winter 2018 Range

This urban playground range has for the first time, included the much requested tracksuit set. The all-time favourite colour-block jacket is back but in a different colourway. Its dynamic styling, strong diagonals and the use of the chevron detail makes for bold branding which forms the core essential part our winter range.

ellesse Heritage 2018 Editorial6

ellesse Heritage 2018 Editorial10

ellesse Heritage 2018 Editorial5

Fans will find huge value adds to various pieces in the range like detachable and enclosed rainwear hoods. The range is competitively priced, offers the ellesse fan quality at the best value. The ellesse range is unisex and appeals to both guys and gals.