Honouring the past

The character of ellesse heritage is simply unmatched by that of contemporary clothing. It’s a classic fusion of history, art and style; telling a story of colour, creativity and individuality. This brand is not just for anyone – it’s for those who exhibit their unique expressions by honouring aesthetics of the past. 

The winter 2018 Range

This urban playground range has for the first time, included the much requested tracksuit set. The all-time favourite colour-block jacket is back but in a different colourway. Its dynamic styling, strong diagonals and the use of the chevron detail makes for bold branding which forms the core essential part our winter range. Fans will find huge value adds to various pieces in the range like detachable and enclosed rainwear hoods. The range is competitively priced, offers the ellesse fan quality at the best value. The ellesse range is unisex and appeals to both guys and gals.

ellesse Heritage 2018 Editorial10

ellesse Heritage 2018 Editorial6

Styling through time

ellesse remains stylish through time, it does not only reflect the era in which it was made but rather transcends to the modern urban style and street culture. Capturing a flair of class, tone and quality, it is inspired by archived pieces that enhance iconic elements of time-less patterns pieced with a modish fashionable style, showcasing a unique range of classic tailoring with sporting aesthetics that incorporating a variant of pastel colours, bold graphics and hard-wearing material. It innovates fashion while staying true to its heritage, the ellesse heritage.

Amplifying your Individuality

As clothing is in part, the evidence of our personality, brands like ellesse play an integral part in our identity. If we gathered all the clothing we ever owned, a picture type biography would emerge of ourselves. Who we were, and who we are today. By being part of our past and staying true to its authentic 80’s flair, ellesse conveys a strong character, an urban attitude and a vibrant style that amplifies our unique creative individualism – to stand up and say ‘This is me’. Clothes you wear can either reaffirm your story, or they can help you tell a new, better version of your story.

It’s part of your Social Life

ellesse reveals a culture of meeting people and sharing good times. It offers a platform in which allows individuals to explore their creativity. The ellesse style is versatile and its unisex factor enables more playfulness and freewill, you can wear ellesse in anyway and however you like. The brand realises the creative, free spirit of its fans and appreciates their drive to be recognised as unique individuals.

ellesse Heritage 2018 Editorial5

ellesse Heritage 2018 Editorial4

It’s part of your Hustle

ellesse fans believe there are no trends to follow, part of being a free spirit is making your own decisions and living your life however you choose. It means going with your own flow and creating your lifestyle, and thriving. Finding your interest and pursuing it, whatever it is. Being true hustlers, their combination of aspiration and ambition is the fuel that drives them. Having a vision of what they want their legacy to look like, they set it in their blood, sweat and tears, the one intent being – success. Striving to perfect their craft daily, not flinching when someone tells them their idea is crazy. The fans find what they enjoy doing and wake up every morning excited to get closer to fulfilling their aspirations and goals.

ellesse Heritage 2018 Editorial7

ellesse Heritage 2018 Editorial2

It’s part of your Life

Playfulness is one of ellesse traits, it fosters a healthy, fun and active environment for people. Of all human activities, playfulness comes closest to providing the fulfillment we all hope to get in our lives – call it full-blast living. When we are playful, we feel we are living more fully in the moment. The ellesse player is naturally playful and confident, and never afraid to try something new. Fearless, they charge ahead, passionate about making their mark, creating a new era of an unconventional culture enabling them to be their true self.

ellesse Heritage A/W 2018 Collection Team

Photographer: Matthew de Bruyn

Models: @miastephanie, @limzy__ and @leez_way

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